What we're doing now

The Crescent Spa

Dallas, TX

This iconic Dallas Spa is undergoing a transformation to make it soft, clean, and refreshing with a modern style. Michelle Meredith & Associates is excited to partner with Three Architecture, CoberKoeda, and Essential light for the completion of this project. We are looking forward to rejuvenating the spa to make it look as relaxing as it feels.

Armour Hotel

Fort Worth, TX

The upcoming Armour Hotel, that is going to be located in Fort Worth, will draw on local culture for inspiration. The boutique hotel's atmosphere is going to exude a refined industrial style.

warner place

Woodland Hills, California

Designs for the amenity tower are in the works and are headed toward an urban and youthful feel. These multi-family, new construction apartments will offer high rise living and will emanate the California style.